Founder’s Mentality and the paths to sustainable growth

If you’ve been a reader of this blog, you’re already familiar with the journey we’ve been on to define the Founder’s Mentality® and to examine how insurgent companies can resist the westward winds, preserving their Founder’s Mentality as they grow. In the coming months, we’ll be devoting more time to looking at how incumbents can restore their Founder’s Mentality before the southward winds drive them into a state of struggling bureaucracy.

In the course of meeting with different founders and founder-led companies, I’ve been asked several times if I had a presentation that founders and their executives could share within their companies. So I sat down last month to tape this overview, which shows how we define the Founder’s Mentality. The video also provides a few examples of the westward and southward winds and explains what we see as the various paths to sustainable growth for insurgents, incumbents and, yes, even some struggling bureaucracies. You’re welcome to share it, and I welcome your feedback.

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About James Allen

James Allen is a senior partner in Bain & Company's London office and recognized as a leading expert in developing global corporate and business unit strategy. He is co-head of Bain’s Global Strategy practice and a member of Bain & Company's European Consumer Products practice. He is co-author, with Chris Zook, of Repeatability (HBR Press, March 2012) and Profit from the Core (HBR Press, 2001 and 2010).

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