When founders founder and other tales

60e62b884169c82ef11adfb1d2801f64Readers of this blog know that although the Founder’s Mentality is a great strength for any company, the founder himself or herself can sometimes be a weakness, especially as the company is seeking to scale. This week, The Wall Street Journal’s Experts Blog ran my blog on “Three common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting to expand,” which details four common traits of the westward wind we refer to as “unscalable founder.” I hope you enjoy it and will consider sharing it if it resonates within your company.

Here are some additional blogs that have recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal’s Experts Blog that you may find useful:

If there are other topics you would like to see me address in the Experts Blog, please leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to address them.

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About James Allen

James Allen is a senior partner in Bain & Company's London office and recognized as a leading expert in developing global corporate and business unit strategy. He is co-head of Bain’s Global Strategy practice and a member of Bain & Company's European Consumer Products practice. He is co-author, with Chris Zook, of Repeatability (HBR Press, March 2012) and Profit from the Core (HBR Press, 2001 and 2010).

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